Advanced Wars 2 – Black Hole Rising GBA

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, known in Japan as Game Boy Wars Advance 2 (ゲームボーイウォーズアドバンス2 Gēmu Bōi Wōzu Adobansu Tsū) is a turn-based tactics video game for the Game Boy Advance. It was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo in 2003. It is the second game in the Advance Wars sub-series of Nintendo Wars, preceded by Advance Wars and followed by Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Black Hole Rising is nearly identical to the previous game in terms of core gameplay; there was only a small change in overall graphical style and some small content additions. The storyline of this game continues from the previous game, Advance Wars. Black Hole has quickly recovered from its defeat in Cosmo Land, and has gathered forces to invade Macro Land under the command of Sturm, the same commander who led the invasion of Cosmo Land. The protagonists, the Allied Nations, cooperate once again to drive the Black Hole forces out of Macro Land once and for all.[2]

The game was well-received, and won the European Computer Trade Show’s Best Handheld Game of the Year award in 2003.[3]The Campaign mode in Black Hole Rising differs from its predecessor Advance Wars in that the mission selection is non-linear. The campaign takes place over the game’s five continents, each focusing on one of the five countries in the game.[4] The player plays as one or more commanding officers of the protagonist nations, fighting against the antagonist of the game, Black Hole. Each continent begins with several missions that the player can select from. Upon meeting certain requirements, new missions may become available.[2] When the regular campaign has been completed, a more difficult Hard Campaign, in the vein of Advance Wars’s Advance Campaign, can be unlocked, generally featuring modified maps and starting units.[2]

Completion of a campaign mission or War Room will net the player a rank based on several criteria.[5] When the campaign is completed, the player is given an overall rank, rewarding higher ranks with more unlockable content in the in-game shop.
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