King Of Fighters EX2, The – Howling Blood

The SNK name have slowly faded into obscurity the past couple of years, but no one can argue that the name isn’t a strong one when it comes to fighting titles. During the Neo Geo arcade machine’s heyday, it wasn’t uncommon to see every slot of a multi-game system filled with a fighting game. The company’s success pretty much came from the multitude of Samurai Showdowns and Fatal Furys, but the series that’s outlasted them all, and continues to thrive, is the King of Fighter franchise. Playmore and Marvelous Entertainment gave the series an original shot on the Game Boy Advance more than a year ago to varying success; cartridge and system limitations hindered the design the first time around, but the team’s given the series another try with King of Fighters EX 2: Howling Blood. This sequel is far and away a better production.


More than 21 characters
Practice and story mode for single player
Link cable support for two players (multiple cartridge)
Cartridge save
Link cable support for two players
King of Fighters EX 2 obviously builds upon the style of fighting game that’s been a staple of the SNK line for more than a decade. Where Street Fighter II and its sequels popularized the one-on-one fighting genre and took it in one direction, SNK’s development teams capitalized on the Capcom success by trying its own style, and taking those in other directions. Despite having their own themes and characterizations, these games have their similarities, from special moves to combo techniques, and it’s completely the gamer’s preference if the style and direction is successful or not.
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