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Metroid Fusion[a] is an action-adventure game video game published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance handheld game console in 2002. The fourth installment in the Metroid series, it was developed by Nintendo Research & Development 1, which previously developed the 1994 game Super Metroid. Players control bounty hunter Samus Aran, who investigates a space station swarming with organisms infected with virions known as X parasites.

Like previous Metroid games, Fusion is a side-scrolling game with platform jumping, shooting, and puzzle elements. It introduces mission-based gameplay that guides the player through areas. Fusion was released simultaneously with the GameCube game Metroid Prime in North America. The bonus features in Prime can be unlocked by linking between the game and Fusion via the Nintendo GameCube – Game Boy Advance link cable.

Metroid Fusion was praised by critics for its action-oriented gameplay. It received several awards, including Handheld Game of the Year at the 2002 Interactive Achievement Awards, Best Game Boy Advance Adventure Game from IGN, and Best Action Game on Game Boy Advance from GameSpot. It was released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in December 2011 for select customers, and the Wii U Virtual Console in April 2014.

A video game screenshot of a person in a powered exoskeleton firing a missile at a monster.
Samus Aran fights the Nightmare boss in its Core-X form.
Metroid Fusion is an action-adventure game in which the player controls Samus Aran. Like previous games in the series, Fusion is set in a large open-ended world with elevators that connect regions, which each in turn contains rooms separated by doors. Samus opens most doors by shooting at them, while some only open after she reaches a certain point. The game unfolds is more linear than other Metroid games due to its focus on storyline; for example, Fusion introduces Navigation Rooms, which tell the player where to go.[2]

The gameplay involves solving puzzles to uncover secrets, platform jumping, shooting enemies, and searching for power-ups that allow Samus to reach new areas. Samus can absorb X Parasites, which restore health, missiles, and bombs. Power-ups are obtained by downloading them in Data Rooms or absorbing a Core-X, which appears after defeating a boss.[2] The game includes features new to the franchise, such as the ability to grab ledges and climb ladders.[3]

The player can use the GameCube – Game Boy Advance link cable to connect to Fusion and unlock features in Prime:[4] after completing Prime, they can unlock Samus’s Fusion Suit,[5] and after completing Fusion, they can unlock an emulated version of the first Metroid game.[6] In Metroid: Zero Mission (2004), players can connect to Fusion using the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable to unlock a Fusion picture gallery,[7] which includes its ending images.

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