Yu-Gi-Oh! – Worldwide Edition

The game starts out after the title screen, with one of the officials in the Battle City region, giving the player an option of 1 of 3 decks of 40 or more cards. Once a deck is selected, there is a Battle City map of characters that can be played, and can select an area of Battle City that holds up to three duelers per area. However, the opponents are random, not showing a name or picture to identify their character.

The player must win, lose or tie to show all the characters at the beginning. From there, players go around Battle City to duel opponents. However, there are many events during the game to accomplish.

With a vague plot many different challenges are available, but the significant part of the game is “The Pyramid”. Once the five Ghouls are defeated, Téa, controlled by Marik Ishtar, will lead you to the Pyramid, a five-game challenge in which the player cannot lose or they would have to start over the Pyramid. The Pyramid is organized into chambers. The first duel is against Téa controlled by Marik; the second and third duels are against 2 of the 5 ghouls at random. The fourth duel is against Joey Wheeler controlled by Marik; in the 5th and final chamber, you face Marik, and if you beat him, The Pyramid is cleared.

Once beaten, card limitations will be available once all 10 Card Limitation Duels are complete against a CPU. There is then an option to change card limits on or off (e.g. the trap card Mirror Force would then be open to have two or three cards in a deck; not only one, as this is called ‘Free Mode’.) Prior to this Ghouls would be open to duel and the Card Limitation tournaments would be available to use permanently. Many side challenges are always available, and can be useful to use.

Challenge Cup and Kaiba Corp Cup – This event usually comes every month. This challenge is a three-game tournament in which all players face each other to make their way to the finals, however the players only participates in three duels. The finalist, almost always a strong opponent will challenge you for the Cup. However, in the KC Cup Kaiba will always be played.
Weekend Tournaments – Held usually on Saturdays, there will be a random opponent to duel in a best out of 3 match.
Limitation Tournaments – Only accessed by finishing everything else in the game, there are 10 rounds, and these are duels where depending on which duel, certain types of cards are not permitted to use including Magic and Trap cards, level 5 and up monsters, and many more. These are permanent up to no avail.
Target Week – Held every week, by one of the Battle City officials, will tell you two random duelists you must defeat to get a bonus of 200 points. However, sometimes the duelists you are looking for are not on the map so the player has to go from area to area until the next week.
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