Bleach – Heat The Soul 7 PSP

Get hold of the bigger Bleach characters in Bleach: Heat the Soul 7, playable on the Sony PSP. In this version, you get to fight with Aizen and his Espat troops. Choose from the 80 characters to fight in this PlayStation Portable game, and realize your dream to finally beat the traitor of the Soul Society. The end of Aizen is in your hands, as this 3D fighting game gives you the opportunity to kill the turncoat. Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 supports 3D and includes a new fight mode – the Battle Royale – to let you employ more of your fighting skills. This PlayStation Portable game offers you a four-player mode, letting your friends cash in on the action too. Enjoy playing the missions that come directly from the original story – Zanpakuto Ibunroku – only in this 3D fighting game.

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Author: romlovers