Dragon Ball Z – Supersonic Warriors 2

Story Mode

In this game mode, the player selects one of sixteen different stories to follow a core narrative – there are three Z-Stories which roughly follow the canon of the DBZ Manga and Anime across the Namek, Android and Majin Sagas from numerous characters, and thirteen Character Stories for each of the thirteen playable characters, many of which show alternate ‘What If’ outcomes to the DBZ story. In each story the player fights through a series of six to eight opponents, which follow the original Dragon Ball Z anime storyline in the chosen characters’ perspective. The story mode is presented through short scenes; where long texts associated with pictures and scenery are involved.[4] Once a scene is done, the player must fight an opponent, continue with the scene, and fight again against computer AI, where the next opponent is slightly more difficult than the previous.[4] As the storyline progresses, the character gains new abilities that enhance the players’ gameplay experience, allowing for more strategic battle combinations.[4] Once the story is completed, the player will gain points that they can spend in the options mode to unlock new characters in order to engage in the storyline from another characters perspective, battling different opponents.[4] If the player is able to defeat all opponents without dying once in a story, a certain number of stories give players a bonus fight, extending the storyline as a special reward.

Challenge Mode

The player selects three characters to form a team and must battle against pre-set enemy teams that are generated by the computer AI.[4] Character selection cannot exceed level four, and in order to defeat the enemy team, the player must fully utilize their three chosen characters’ abilities.[4] Only after defeating the first enemy team, the player can unlock new teams to fight against until the mode is completed.[4] Defeating the challenge mode grants the greatest amount of points that can be spent in the options menu, allowing for a wider variety of character combinations for teams.[4]

Z Battle Mode

In Z battle mode the player chooses a character, and must battle against 8 enemies, however after completing a round of Z battle mode, the chosen character is given a ranking.[4] As the player defeats more opponents with a single character, the ranking of that character will increase and various statistics are given, allowing players to continuously build on various characters to complete their full ranking. All rankings and statistics are viewed in the options mode under the rankings tab.[4]

Free Battle Mode

Free battle mode unchains all restrictions that are placed from the other modes, allowing for a free range of battles for any combination of enemies. The player can choose from any character that is available or unlocked, and there are no limits to the levels corresponding to the characters.[4] The mode engages in either a 1on1 or team style of fighting, where the player can choose their own enemies to fight or a random enemy through the random generator.[4]

Link Vs. Mode

Within this game mode, the player leaves the domain of computer AI battles in order to battle against another human player.[3] This game mode can offer a range of battle combinations, movement, and reactions that cannot be executed by the computer AI enemies. Two Game Boy Advances, a link cable are required to play in this mode in order to connect the two players together.

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