Juiced: Eliminator PSP

The plot starts off with the start of the player’s racing career in Angel City. The player starts racing a new crew leader called Nina (Crew name: Total Power Junkies), who doesn’t respect the player and thinks that the player does not have what it takes to beat her in a race. She lets the player use one of her cars and wagers a bet with the player (the same with TK in the original Juiced). After the player beats her in the race, she gives the player more respect, and apologizes for being pushy before the race, as well as giving the player her cell phone number. This is where the career starts, giving the player a wider choice of race events and allowing the player to collect cars and get more respect from Nina and other crew leaders.

Juiced Eliminator features a new mode called Career Challenge. It’s an extra career that is set by the crew leaders, where the player has to do a number of races in a limited amount of days (and months) to complete the challenge.

There are 6 types of races:

Circuit: Standard racing, complete circuit within the set number of laps.
Point-to-point: Race from start to finish.
Sprint: A Drag Race (manual controller only). The player races three opponents in a three heat series race, total of points after each heat determines the winner.
Showoff: Timed race, the player can perform various tricks, such as Donut Spins, Bootleg Turns, 360’s, J-Turns, Drifting, etc.
Eliminator: Race around the race track in a number of laps. Last person on each lap is out of the race. The race only finished when only one driver remains.
Relay race: (2,2,2, and 3,3)


Author: romlovers