Madden NFL 12 PSP

Rookies now have real faces, but they are of current NFL players.[8]
The Madden Developers team is available in Play Now mode by pressing random team.[9]
Various NFL players can be found in the free agents.[10]
The kickoffs are now at the 35-yard line rather than the 30-yard line, to match the NFL’s rule changing.
Onside kicks can be executed from standard kickoff formations.
Tuner or for developers to improve gameplay code without the distribution of official patches.
To support awareness for concussions, players who suffer a concussion during gameplay will no longer be allowed to return to the game.[11]
A new collision system uses momentum to produce more authentic tackling and hits with 100 new tackle animations, including 40 gang tackles.
AI enhancements allow players in zone and man coverage to correctly recognize and react to plays with the capability to break out of assignments when necessary.
The custom playbooks feature allows the player to modify an existing playbook or create his or her own by selecting plays from 75 playbooks.
The opening presentation for games includes mascots and cheerleaders for all teams that have them.[12]
Player traits change dynamically throughout a game based on his performance.
Quarterbacks have distinct throwing motions, making them look much more like their real-life counterparts.
Franchise mode
During free agency in franchise mode, players bid auction-style against other general managers for free agents.
Expanded rosters in the preseason allow teams to have 75 players on the roster and need to make roster cuts each week.
Unlike previous versions of Madden NFL, players can trade for future draft picks.
There are also hot and cold streaks that will affect player ratings throughout the season.
When a player is placed on Injured Reserve, a new player may be signed without having to cut anyone.
Creation Mode
This is the last Madden game to have a create a team mode without the use of the internet.
This is the last Madden game to have a create a player mode without the use of the internet.


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