Panzer Front PSX

Great tank game. You get to pick either being a Tank Commander from the German, Russian or American side. You will soon learn the ins and outs of driving a tank and fighting with tanks. You will learn, from playing the game itself, the merits and flaws of each tank. How fast do they move? How powerful is their guns? How fast can you spin the turret? How much punishment can they take?
Don’t get too cocky and try NOT to panic. While light tanks might seem easy to kill, they’re not. They move fast and can aim even faster. While heavy tanks might seem slow, they carry the big guns and can take hit after hit. Pick the tank that best fits how you like to fight and go do it! Remember, luck is also a factor. A well placed shot can turn a tank into a burning pile of twisted metal.
Make sure YOU fire that shot!


Author: romlovers