Resident Evil – Dead Aim

Resident Evil: Dead Aim, known as Gun Survivor 4: Biohazard: Heroes Never Die (ガンサバイバー4 バイオハザード ヒーローズ・ネバー・ダイ Gan Sabaibā Fō Baiohazādo Hīrōzu Nebā Dai) in Japan, is the fourth release in a series of light gun shooter video games by Capcom. It is also the first in the franchise to feature first-person shooting alongside the third-person movement seen in its predecessors in the Resident Evil series (the game itself being the 10th installment). It was developed by Cavia.

Dead Aim uses a third-person view when moving, but switches to a first-person view when aiming and firing a weapon, with a dot in the center of the screen to help the player aim. It is one of the few Resident Evil games that allows the player to move while aiming, and the game also supports the PS2 light gun and USB mouse.

In the year 2002, 4 years after the “Raccoon City Incident”, the Umbrella-owned ocean liner, Spencer Rain, has been infested by the T-Virus stolen from Umbrella’s Paris labs by bioterrorist and former-Umbrella employee Morpheus D. Duvall, and its secret B.O.W. cargo intentionally released. Morpheus holds the world hostage, with the US and China at ransom for $1 billion – if they do not pay the money, his followers will launch missiles from an undisclosed silo with the warheads being replaced with the t-Virus. Bruce McGivern, a member of USSTARTCOM’s “Anti-Umbrella Pursuit Investigation Team”, a U.S. government task force with the sole purpose of taking down Umbrella, is sent in. Alongside him is Fong Ling, sent by the Chinese MSS. Although they share the same goals and common enemy, their respective governments are against working together.

During Bruce’s investigation, he is found by Morpheus and held at gunpoint on the foredeck. A surprise attack by Fong Ling with a grenade allows Bruce to escape into the ship, with Morpheus being injured in the explosion. He later infects himself with the experimental “T+G Virus” in order to avoid an otherwise-fatal wound. After a brief encounter with the mutated Morpheus in the cargo hold, Bruce escapes into engineering with the aid of Fong Ling. Restoring power to parts of the ship and discovering important items, the two gain access to the bridge – with Bruce killing the infected captain in the search – to find that the Spencer Rain is on a collision course with a nearby island. Running outside to escape the ship, Bruce is forced to fight Tyrant 091, which had escaped containment before Bruce’s encounter with Morpheus. Once it is defeated, Bruce jumps into the ocean and swims to the shore as the liner is destroyed.

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