Star Wars – Battlefront II PSP

The original Battlefront was something of a watershed for LucasArts, after years of below par Star Wars games. It might have started life as a rather cynical clone of Battlefield 1942, only with AT-ATs instead of Tiger tanks, but for those looking for the video game equivalent of playing with their old Star Wars figures it was just the ticket.

The announcement of a PSP version of the sequel was something of a surprise and next to nothing is known about it, save that an online multiplayer mode has been confirmed. Plenty is known about the home console versions though, and it’s been promised that the PSP version will be very similar to the PS2 one.

That means more of the same third person shooting action, but now with even more vehicles and weapons and the brand new space combat missions. It’s now possible to jump in an X-wing or TIE Fighter whenever you want, have a space battle then dock back inside a capital ship, and carry on fighting on foot.

There’s also the ability to be a Jedi for the first time, albeit for a limited period, and the game is filled with new Episode III levels, characters and weapons — including the Jedi Starfighter II and V-wing. And with new levels set in the Episode IV Blockade Runner and the Death Star interior, this should provide one of the PSP’s best multiplayer experiences and leave Star Wars fans in portable hog heaven

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Author: romlovers