Tekken 2 PSX

Tekken 2 is an old-school action-packed arcade fighting game that comes to life on the PlayStation. The second installment of the classic game series includes up to 25 fighters to choose from, all with their own styles and stories. Each fighter has their own reason for wanting to win the tournament, and Tekken 2 pits them against strange, impossible forces.Tekken 2 was developed by Namco and released in 1996. The PlayStation, or PSX, version of Namco’s fighting game rivals the power and fast pace of the original arcade version. All-new attacks, counter reversals, and animations bring this timeless tournament game to life on the PlayStation in full 3D models.The players can choose from warriors both new and old, some of whom are out of this world. Some are mainstays of the Tekken series, including King, Heihachi, Law, and Kazuya. Sixteen fighters from the previous PSX games are available to play as or against, including Armor King I, Prototype Jack, Kunimitsu, and Anna Williams. Their movesets are a mixture of their old styles and new attacks, which make this PlayStation game an even more exciting challenge. The new fighters include Angel, Jack-2, and even a boxing kangaroo and a velociraptor. You can battle opponents in a mix of 23 settings that feature unique backgrounds and custom music, which push the PSX to its graphical limits.Up to two players can fight at the same time, much like other fighter games. This fighting game, however, rewards the players for developing their skills by learning combos. This eliminates the frenzy of simple button mashing and instead hones your mind into that of a sleek, clever fighter. You can practice and perfect your combat techniques before trying out the main battle path. This makes it easier to adapt to all the different characters that Tekken 2 lets you play as and get a feel for their styles.There are three different game play options available, all of which can provide hours of nonstop entertainment. Survival Mode takes you through an endless series of matches to see how many enemies you can defeat before you yourself are struck down. You only have one health bar for all these battles, a limit that fully tests your offensive and defensive skills. The Story Mode option lets you remain as one character throughout their story campaign, defeating a list of progressively trickier and more skilled fighters. Lastly, Battle Mode is a unique tag-team style where two players can choose up to eight characters to square off against each other. There is even a Time Attack stage available, which forces you to defeat as many enemies as you can before the timer limit runs out.Tekken 2 set the stage for later games in the series with its innovative battle modes and memorable characters. Now you can bring this classic to life on the PSX. The game features a T for teen rating, making it suitable for a slightly older crowd due to animated violence and suggestive themes.


Author: romlovers