Yu-Gi-Oh! – 7 Trials To Glory – World Championship Tournament 2005

Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005, known as Yu-Gi-Oh! Day of the Duelist: World Championship Tournament 2005 in Europe and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters International 2 in Japan, is a Yu-Gi-Oh! game for the Game Boy Advance. Light and Dark clash in a town where everyone waits to Duel. Battles take the place of words and only the best will win tournaments where glittering trophies await the victor.

The game features 1000 cards (105 traps, 220 spells and 675 monster cards) to collect and Duel with. Polymerization and Dark Magician are available with 2 different artworks which count as different cards.

Earning DP

DP (Duelist Points) can be earned by winning Duels and can be used to purchase new cards. Upon winning a duel, DP is rewarded as follows:

  • 1 DP for every 100 LP your opponent lost during the duel
  • 1 DP for every 100 battle damage dealt to your opponent
  • 20 DP for each of your opponent’s monsters destroyed by battle
  • additionally for winning itself
    • 50 DP for reducing your opponents LP to 0
    • 100 DP if your opponent ran out of cards
    • 1000 DP for Exodia, Final Countdown or FINAL

Reward ÷2 if you win in more than 40 turns. Reward x2 if you win in less than 5 turns.

In Shadow World, the reward is 5x the normal reward.
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