Grand Theft Auto PSX

  • Grand Theft Auto is an action-packed excursion into the dark world of street crime. You romp through multiple cities on a crime spree in an effort to make the mob bosses recognize and promote you because of your ability and willingness to carry out any crime they might assign you. You start as a small fish in a very big pond and carry out the bosses’ wishes by committing crimes such as car-jacking, murder, bribes, armed robbery (people and banks), extortion, revenge, road rage, thievery, and more.You rise in the ranks to fulfill your dream of becoming a top mobster. You constantly receive instructions over pay phones located throughout the cities. To get the job done, you’ll steal cars, listen to your police scanner to keep up with the cops, and basically wreak havoc in your quest to become the best (baddest?) criminal in town. Over 200 missions and more than 6000 city miles are provided for your escapades.

    Grand Theft Auto has a high level of profanity and killing and deals with all aspects of the harsh world of crime. Whether pimping, robbing banks, slaughtering innocent bystanders or being the trigger-man on the crime of the day, you’ll have a wide range of weapons to use and your choice of any car in the city as you hone your mobster skills. The game also features an original soundtrack appropriate to the action.


Author: romlovers