Megaman X6 PSX

  • Mega Man X6 is yet another addition to the long-running Capcom franchise. Picking up immediately after the events in Mega Man X5, the Blue Bomber finds himself investigating recent reports of reploids running amok. Only he can save the reploids and avenge Zero’s sacrifice. Following the same formula that the series’ forefathers adhered to, this latest PlayStation incarnation sees Mega Man X traveling through eight levels, each of which houses a boss character whose weapon can be claimed by Mega Man X once defeated. As an added bonus, Mega Man X can now use Zero’s sword throughout his adventure.New to the series is the “Nightmare System” which actually changes certain aspects of the title based upon your actions. Depending on what you do in a particular level, subsequent levels will be populated by different enemies, and certain areas will be unlocked. The system also randomizes level maps, enemy placement and endings, essentially creating a slightly different game each time through.


Author: romlovers