Tekken Tag Tournament PS2

Forget the fancy full-motion video intros of the past. The cutting-edge gameplay that is promised in the extended intros of fighting games is finally realised in Tekken Tag Tournament This visually stunning action game contains fully rendered 3-D characters who can execute smoothly animated martial-arts moves. With polygonal characters and texture maps this real, you will end up looking for the coin slot on your PS2.

With more than 30 characters to fight against or beside, this game allows you to pull off the ultimate human combo: tag-team fighting. By choosing two fighters who have broadly divergent skills, you can increase your threat to the other fighters greatly. Also, switching out fighters can give an overextended partner enough time to rest up his or her stamina for the next tag. See what happens when one partner throws a foe, tags, and the other partner comes in to keep the foe… uh… airborne. Tekken Tag Tournament contains 20 classic characters from other parts of the acclaimed Tekken series, as well as 12 new characters who can be unlocked during gameplay.


Author: romlovers