Resident Evil PSX

Return to the roots of survival horror gaming with Resident Evil. This original entry in the popular horror series follows fan favorites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. On their first mission to Raccoon City, these team members are quickly greeted by murderous creatures. Forced to fight, the complete team is soon trapped in a mansion that exceeds any nightmare. Long hallways and confined spaces bring a new level of horror to life. Using rendered backgrounds and state-of-the-art graphics for the period, its impact is still strong among Sony PS1 games. Watch as the team encounters horror’s most evil creations. Play as Valentine or Redfield through the maze of rooms that make up this frightening location. Along the way, you’ll find rendered backgrounds that offer a new level of PS1 realism. Search through every corner of a room to find the secrets of the Umbrella Corporation. Solve the puzzles or your character’s condition will suffer. It’s not just zombies in the mix of Resident Evil. Animals as well as things that have never been seen before haunt this world. Fight your way through creatures that defy imagination, including a gigantic snake that towers above you. The solo battles will take everything, including knives and guns, to survive. Collect them from fallen competitors as well as find them in hidden areas in order to cut through every challenge.Replay value is something that Resident Evil is known for when it comes to long-play games. With a PlayStation playing time of up to 8 hours, from beginning to end, its design focuses on fast run times. It doesn’t take long to navigate each scare. Much like the rare horror films that it replicates, Resident Evil is dedicated to quick scares. Take on the full PlayStation Resident Evil storyline in less than half a day. When the games are over, the intense graphics turn your box into something you can display as art. Stack it among other rare horror PlayStation games or alone in its own sealed box for the ultimate gaming display.


Author: romlovers