Yoshi Touch & Go

Unlike all other Yoshi games, this game has no story. Every game mode begins with Kamek smashing into the Stork and making off with Baby Luigi, while Baby Mario falls toward the land below, beginning the game. Every mode begins with Baby Mario falling toward the ground, while the player must use clouds to guide him to the ground and bubbles to destroy enemies. The sky level differs depending on the mode selected; for instance, the Time Attack mode has Super Stars hovering in the air for Baby Mario to reach the air faster, there is also a timer and bumpers to obstruct the baby’s fall. Each level has the following in common:

Baby Mario has three balloons, which act as his HP. When he hits an enemy, one of them pops. If all three pop, he falls to the ground and is captured by Kamek.
Baby Mario can be guided by clouds drawn with the stylus. If an enemy is captured in a bubble, the bubble can be thrown to Baby Mario to pop it.
The color of the Yoshi below (more on this below) depends on how many points Yoshi earns. (In Time Attack mode, the color depends on how fast Baby Mario descends).
Finally, when Baby Mario nears the ground, there are small formations of tree leaves. Touching them with the stylus may reveal a treat!
When Baby Mario reaches the ground, a Yoshi is awaiting him. The color of the Yoshi depends on how many points Yoshi has collected, or how fast he came down. Coloring of the Yoshi influences how fast it runs, plus how many eggs it can carry. The lowest Yoshi color is green, the highest is black. The color changes from green to light blue at 60, level-ups are given every 20 points up.

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Author: romlovers