International Superstar Soccer Deluxe SNES

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (known as Jikkyou World Soccer 2: Fighting Eleven in Japan) is a football video game and the sequel to International Superstar Soccer developed and published by Konami. The Deluxe version was published first to the SNES, then the Mega Drive (developed by Factor 5) and finally the PlayStation.

The game features 16 different formations, and 8 strategies, and includes 36 national sides. However, all players have fictitious names, due to licensing restrictions.

The game contains eight different stadiums, and all vary in the fabric of the court and the surrounding décor, and are all of different sizes. The game can be played in many weather conditions. Below is a list of the different dimensions of the eight national stadiums in-game:

United States: 82 x 118 (yards) 74.62 x 107.38 (meters)
Spain: 90 x 126 (yards) 81.9 x 114.61 (meters)
Italy: 82 x 132 (yards) 74.62 x 120.12 (meters)
England: 82 x 122 (yards) 74.62 x 111 (meters)
Germany: 74 x 122 (yards) 67.34 x 111 (meters)
Brazil: 90 x 114 (yards) 81.9 x 103.74 (meters)
Nigeria: 90 x 138 (yards) 81.9 x 125.58 (meters)
Japan: 74 x 114 (yards) 67.34 x 103.74 (meters)
Reviewing the Super NES version, Videohead of GamePro said International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, while not one of the best soccer games, is “respectable”. He said the game has easy controls with a short learning curve, but that manual goalie control is difficult and high kicks tend to send the ball off-screen due to the large sprites and close-in side view. He praised the announcer’s voice and crowd chants.[3]

Next Generation reviewed the Super NES version of the game, rating it three stars out of five, and stated that “Overall, this particular stab at the Soccer genre is slightly above average, but not by much.



Author: romlovers