Shadow Of The Colossus PS2

In a nutshell:
In a world of identikit sequels and licenses this game stands alone. Cast as the mysterious Wanderer you are charged with destroying sixteen colossi – gigantic and apparently invincible stone monsters. Each colossus has a weak point though and by climbing onto them and exploring them like moving castles you may have a chance to save your sweetheart.

The lowdown:
This game really does look and plays like nothing else, with a game world as large as the colossi which you can only explore via your trusty horse Argo. The graphics are fantastic, both technically and in terms of artistic design, and the melancholy atmosphere utterly unique. The colossi look particularly amazing, as you reach barely to the toe tops of most of them. The method of killing each one is perhaps not quite as varied as it could be and it’s a shame that there’s not anything to do in the overworld except travel to the next colossi, but the overall gaming experience is unparalleled.

Most exciting moment:
Your first sight of a colossus, as you realise the end-of-level boss is the level.

Since you ask:
This game is by the same team behind cult hit ICO, although a connection between the two stories is only evident at the very end of the game…

The bottom line:
One of the most beautiful and original video games ever made.


Author: romlovers