Bomberman 64 – Arcade Edition

It is based more on the SNES Bomberman titles, and is fully 2D without any 3D graphics.[2] It includes “Panic Bomber” mode from the SNES Bomberman games.[3] It also includes a mini-game called “Same Game” which is a tile matching 2D puzzle game focused on eliminating blocks.[3]

“Bomberman Mode” features standard Bomberman gameplay, but also features multiple exits per room, and thus a branching paths.[4] Multiplayer also features “Tandem Mode”, where two players work together.[4] Up to four players can play multi-player mode.[5]

The game was released on December 20, 2001 in Japan for the Nintendo 64.[1]

It is often confused with the 1997 game Bomberman 64, which was known as Baku Bomberman


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