Naruto – Ninja Destiny

Naruto: Ninja Destiny is the first 3D Naruto game to come to the Nintendo DS.

It has sixteen characters ranging from Gaara and Rock Lee to one-tailedNaruto and Level 2 Cursed Seal form Sasuke. The player can battle against the computer, play against your friends wirelessly, enjoy a single player story mode, or single player mode where you fight several computer-controlled opponents. The story mode goes from the Neji/Naruto fight in the Chūnin Exams until the dispute between the three Sannin. A sequel to this game was later released.

Playable Characters
Naruto Uzumaki (also playable in a Nine-Tails form) (US and European version)
Sasuke Uchiha (also playable in a Level 2 Cursed form) (US version)
Sakura Haruno
Kakashi Hatake
Rock Lee
Neji Hyūga
Might Guy
Shikamaru Nara
Itachi Uchiha
In the US and European version, Sasuke’s outfit is black, but in the Japanese version, he’s in his casual blue shirt and white shorts.
The location “Sasuke’s training grounds” is misspelled “Sauke’s training grounds”.
Naruto is the only character in the game with more than one jutsu

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